Manage & Share
company knowledge
in one simple tool.

Spiccle helps you train employees 10x faster.

Company knowledge

Keeping your knowledge consistent across your company is hard, you never know what gaps there may be.

You also don’t know which team members are up to speed on certain topics, or maybe they just know the wrong thing.

Spiccle lets you centralize all your company’s knowledge in one place. With teams able to quickly onboard new employees, and access custom playbooks for certain areas of responsibility.

New hires faster

The more time it takes to get new hires up and running, the more time it costs your business.

Time is money, and the longer it takes you to onboard them, the more of both they’re costing you.

No matter their experience level, Spiccle can help new employees learn quickly while you watch costs fall. What’s more awesome than that?

Expertise internally

Finding the right information within a company can be tough.

All the information is there, but it’s scattered in files, databases and memories.

It takes ages to find what you’re looking for, or you never find it at all.

Spiccle is a web-based software tool that allows you to build collections of knowledge which you can share with your staff, customers or suppliers in an enjoyable, structured way.

"Spiccle makes onboarding a breeze"

We have been using Spiccle for a little over a month now and the amount of time I've saved is incredible.

It is easy to use and the best part of it is that you can, as a manager, see what your team has been doing and how they have been improving.

This tool is priceless for any growing business.

Philippe - Cofounder Waaaves agency

How it works?

1. Document your company's processes

Document procedures, training materials & SOP's as the first step towards making processes repeatable and scalable.

2. Assign processes to your team members

Share processes, SOP's & step-by-step guides with your staff. Our tool was made with one purpose in mind... Making employee training easier!

3. Follow the progress of assigned content

Easily see which processes are being worked on by your team members to get better insight in what they've done, or what needs to be done.




  • 4 Users included
  • Unlimited playbooks
  • Unlimited content embeds
  • Completion tracking
  • E-mail support

69 €/mo


  • 10 Users included
  • Unlimited documentation
  • Unlimited content embeds
  • Completion tracking
  • E-mail support

139 €/mo


  • 25 Users included
  • Unlimited documentation
  • Unlimited content embeds
  • Completion tracking
  • E-mail & chat support

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